FFB Synthetic Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Kit

FFB Synthetic Clouser Minnow Fly Tying Kit

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"Whether you’ve been tying for years or are looking to learn, Postfly fly tying kits are the perfect way for you to keep your wallet and flybox FULL! Each kit comes with enough materials to tie up a dozen fish snacks along with a professionally tied finish fly for reference. 

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The FFB Synthetic Clouser: Bob Clouser's minnow is easily one of the most popular streamer flies on the planet. It's an extremely versatile and simple fly to tie, and can be tied using any number of natural or synthetic materials. For this kit, we like the Farrar's Flash Blend instead of normal bucktail, as it gives the fly a bit more movement and durability. Plus the colors are just downright fishy.

This fly tying kit includes all the needed premium materials to tie six size #6 and six size #8 Synthetic Clouser Minnow flies, in black, olive and chartreuse. Great fly for a multitude warmwater and saltwater species, including bass, pickerel, striped bass and redfish. Includes one professional tied example for a total of 13 flies. "