Big Eyed Gurgler Tying Kit

Product Description

Whether you’ve been tying for years or are looking to learn, Postfly fly tying kits are the perfect way for you to keep your wallet and flybox FULL! Each kit comes with enough materials to tie up a dozen fish snacks along with a professionally tied finish fly for reference. A step-by-step video tutorial is available on our Youtube channel, or you can search YouTube for "Postfly Big Eyed Gurgler". 

The Big Eyed Gurgler-Eyes are like giant signs on flies saying eat me! Fish are more likely to strike at a fly with eyes, and when they do they aim for the eyes. This fly is perfect for low light conditions, with fishing sitting on the bank, you can cast it onto soar and strip it into the water.

This fly tying kit includes all the needed premium materials to tie twelve size #1/0 Big Eyed Gurgler flies. Great fly for a multitude of Salt water fish, i Includes one professional tied example for a total of 13 flies.


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