Hot Butt Ant Fly Tying Kit

Hot Butt Ant Fly Tying Kit

Product Description

"Whether you’ve been tying for years or are looking to learn, Postfly fly tying kits are the perfect way for you to keep your wallet and flybox FULL! Each kit comes with enough materials to tie up a dozen fish snacks along with a professionally tied finish fly for reference.

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Hott Butt Ant: This one is a bit of a creation of our own. We started experimenting with 'hot butt' patterns, which seem to outfish the same pattern without a bright orange, red or pink butt. This patter is tied on a 2XL hook, making the butt end ride below the surface of the water, which can be very appetizing and confusing for hungry trout below!

This fly tying kit includes all the needed premium materials to tie a dozen size #10 Hott Butt Ant flies. Great fly for trout and small warmwater species like bluegill. Includes one professional tied example for a total of 13 flies. "


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