Silly Squid Fly Tying Kit

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"Whether you’ve been tying for years or are looking to learn, Postfly fly tying kits are the perfect way for you to keep your wallet and flybox FULL! Each kit comes with enough materials to tie up a dozen fish snacks along with a professionally tied finish fly for reference. 

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The Silly Squid: Squid are an extremely important forage food for many predatory saltwater species, and when found are often found in abundance. This pattern is designed to stand from the real thing, but can also be tied using more subtle colors of pink and tan.

This fly tying kit includes all the needed premium materials to tie six a dozen size #2/0 Silly Squid flies. This is a great pattern for east coast stripped bass, especially during the spring. Includes one professional tied example for a total of 13 flies. "


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