Signature Tyer Series: Daniel Podobed's Competition Kit

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to get into Euro Nymphing but don't know how to make your own leader or what flies to use? Well we have you covered with this Signature Tyer Series from Daniel Podobed. This New Age European Nymphing Leader was designed to be easy enough for beginner to use and is versatile for a number of different scenarios. On top of the leader, you get 12 hand tied flies in a Postfly waterproof fly box.You won't find this selection anywhere else and once these sell out, they are gone!
Each kit comes with:
Waterproof Postfly fly box
One Leader with a 2mm tippet ring at the end of the 2 tone Cortland Bi Color Indicator material.
#12 Overwatch Midge
#14 QR Nymph 2.8mm bead
#16 Rainbow Warrior Variant 2mm bead
#16 Nano Bomb 2mm Bead
#12 Breach Body Jig 4mm bead
#12 Sexy Walt's
#14 3M Caddis 3mm bead
#10 CDC Soft Hackle Frenchie
#4 DPJ aka Dual Purpose Jig
#10 Klinkhammer HI-Vis
#4 Rainbow Child Mini
#4 Euro Slumpbuster



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