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July's Hopper/Dropper trout kit has been lighting up streams across the country! Our saltwater and warmwater gurgler kits have been dropping the hammer on striped bass, redfish, smallies and pickerel. Re-up on these flies and keep the party going all summer long! Grab a pack of your favorite fly, or re-up on the whole July selection. Ships for $1 to anywhere in the U.S. of A.

July's Trout Flies:
Sandwich Hopper (6,10)
BH Softhackle Hare's Ear (2 Sizes)
WD-40 (18)
Glistening Caddis (14)
Cartoon Hopper (6)
Drowning Hopper (10)

July's Warmwater Gurgler Kit
Double Stacker (Green/Blue)
Headless Horeseman (Black/White-Chartreuese)
Goorgler (Blue/White)

July's Saltwater Gurgler Kit
Double Stacker (Green/Blue)
Headless Horseman (Black/White-Chartreuse)
Goorgler (White)

July's Steelhead/Salmon Kit
Pink Flash Fly(#2/0)
Pink Cotton Candy (#2)
Green Butt Pink Salmon (#1/0)
Mini Handlebar (#6)

July's Fly Tying Kit
Pattern: Sandwich Hopper- Enough materials to tie up a dozen of these flies.

July Ultimate Combo
One of each fly packs and a tying kit.

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$15.00 - $79.00

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